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mnoGoSearch for Windows Manual

Table of Contents

1. About mnoGoSearch
Main features
2. Getting started
System Requirements
Installing mnoGoSearch for Windows
Configure SQL database
Configure mnoGoSearch Lite
3. Wizard
Starting Wizard
Select DSN
Create tables
Ispell data
Server parameters
Search template
4. Configuring mnoGoSearch in detail
Common tab
Indexer settings
Stop words data files
Custom HTTP Header lines
Documents tab
MIME types tab
ISpell tab
Parsers tab
Start URL's tab
Servers tab
Options tab in Server settings
Indexing on LAN
Flags tab in Server settings
Mirrors tab in Server settings
Configuring multiple servers
Importing servers
Indexer tab
Options group
Filters group
Indexing actions
Search tab
5. Service
Scheduling indexing
Connecting to remote service
6. Using mnoGoSearch
Built-in database notes
SQL database notes
How to clear database entries (SQL only)
Database Statistics with SQL back-end
7. mnoGoSearch Web Configurator
Getting stated
Configuring mnoGoSearch Web Configurator
Common settings page
Documents page
MIME types page
ISpell page
Parsers page
Start URL's page
Servers page
Indexer page
Search page
Scheduling indexing
8. mnoGoSearch Search COM objects
Search objects overview
Search objects reference
GoSearch object
SearchResult object
ResultLine object
9. ASP frontend
ASP frontend usage
10. URL aliases
Specifying aliases
Using alias in Server command
Using alias in Realm match type
11. Character sets
Supported character sets
Character sets aliases
Document charset detection
Default Language
12. mnoGoSearch HTML Parser
Tag parser
Special characters
META tags
13. Template design
How the results page is created
Forms considerations
Relative links in search.htm
Adding Search form to other pages
Template variables
Template sections
Variables section
Includes in templates
Using several formats with one template
14. HTTP codes
200 OK
304 Not Modified
301 - 303
300 - 505
503, 504
15. Ispell
Two types of ispell files
Ispell modes
Text ispell mode
Database ispell mode
Customizing dictionary
16. External parsers
Supported parser types
Indexing DOC files
Indexing PDF files
17. Storage modes
single mode
multi mode
crc mode
crc-multi mode
SQL structure notes
18. Tags
Tags in SQL version
Tags in mnoGoSearch Lite (with built-in database)
19. Categories
Using categories
20. Reporting bugs
Known bugs
21. Support
mnoGoSearch website
mnoGoSearch Web Board
Contacting via e-mail
Mailing lists
22. Ordering

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