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Chapter 17. Storage modes

mnoGoSearch for Windows stores only unique words found in document. If the word appears several times in the same document all its weights in different parts of the document are binary ORed. It means that count of word appearance in the document does not affect its weight. But the fact whether the word appears in more important parts of the document (title, description, etc.) is taken in account however.


There are the following modes of word storage currently supported by mnoGoSearch for Windows: "single", "multi", "crc", "crc-multi". Default mode is "single". Mode is to be selected in Database section of Common tab of mnoGoSearch for Windows and search.htm file.


mnoGoSearch for Windows Lite (with built-in database) supports only "single", "crc" and "crc-multi" modes. "multi" mode is not implemented in built-in database.

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