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Customizing dictionary

It is possible that several rare words are found in your site which are not in ispell dictionaries. You may create the list of such words in plain text file with the following format (one word per line):


You may also use ispell flags in this file (for ispell flags refer to ISpell documentation). This will allow not to write the same word with different endings to the rare words file, for example "webmaster" and "webmasters". You may choose the word which has the same changing rules from existing ispell dictionary and just to copy flags from it. For example, English dictionary has this line:


So, webmaster with MS flags will be probably OK:


Then copy this file to /etc directory of mnoGoSearch and add this file by Spell command in ISpell tab of mnoGoSearch:

During next reindexing using of all documents new words will be considered as words with correct spelling. The only really incorrect words will remain.

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