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Chapter 10. URL aliases

mnoGoSearch has an alias support making it possible to index sites taking information from another location. For example, if you index local web server, it is possible to take pages directly from disk without involving your web server in indexing process. Another example is building of search engine for primary site and using its mirror while indexing. There are several ways of using aliases.

Specifying aliases

To specify an alias go to Access tab in Server settings.

E.g. you wish to index using nearest German mirror Enter the following URLs in corresponding fields:


search.exe will display URLs from master site but indexer will take corresponding page from mirror site

Another example. If you want to index everything in domain and one of servers, for example is stored on local machine in /home/httpd/htdocs/ directory. Set type Realm reg. exp. in Server settings Access tab, and the following URLs:

Server http://*
Alias file:/home/httpd/htdocs/

Indexer will take from local disk and index other sites using HTTP.

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