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Chapter 8. mnoGoSearch Search COM objects

mnoGoSearch search COM objects allow you to get our search functionality from various Windows apllications. It'is particularly useful in developing frontends using tools like ASP.


All the examples in this chapter are for ASP/VBScript.

Search objects overview

Main object to get search functionality is GoSearch. You can set parameters and limitations you want for your search. Then you usually launch Find method that performs search and returns SearchResult object. From SearchResult object you can get result statistics and retrive found documents. ResultLine object is to give you information about single retrived document.

Here is an conventional exaple of using search COM objects

    Set engine= Server.CreateObject("MnoGoSearch.GoSearch")
    engine.DBAddr= "Oracle://system:manager@/MyOracleDSN/"
    engine.DBMode= "single"
    engine.SetPageNumber(0)       ' get first results page
    engine.SetPageSize(50)        ' we don't want more than 50 documents on page
    engine.SetMatch("all")        ' only documents having all the query wors
    engine.AddTagLimit("AA")	  ' only search AA category of sites

    Set result= engine.Find("my wife")  ' launch searching for words "my" and "wife"

    if result.Valid then
        if result.Count = 0 then
            Response.Write("Your wife is not in Internet!")
            Response.Write("I found your wife in " + Result.Count + " places.")
            Response.Write("Here are " + Result.LastDoc - Result.FirstDoc + " of them:")
            last= result.LastDoc
            for i=result.FirstDoc to last
                Set line= result(i)
        end if
    end if

ASP frontend is another good examle of using search COM objects

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