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Global Engine

Make it possible to distribute database between several machines.

Improve search quality:

  • word position
  • context
  • SPAM clearance
  • Page Rank
  • "click rank"
  • Multilevel architecture:

  • Task manager
  • URL server
  • Spell server
  • Log server
  • Search request server
  • Search executor
  • DNS cache server
  • Log storage
  • Index storage
  • Local engine

    Various types of fuzzy search (synonyms, substrings, regex match).
    More various databases support.
    More various transport protocols support.
    Subnets indexing (for example "Server 213.24.*")
    Reverse URL Aliases: convertion of indexed URL.

    E.g. Indexing site build in phplib. It adds unique session ID in the form of ?Session=4571e25d845c2e913b1a02318f21d78a. indexer should remove this substring from the base URL.

    Write Java class with libudmsearch support.
    Implementation as PHP extension module.


    Phrase search
    Make it more manageable, i.e. administration tools, etc.
    Dynamic site priority
    Make a script which can display found document with search words highlighted.
    Fix indexer to properly process URL with special characters:  ->

    Make it possible to use several "LocalCharset" indexer.conf commands.
    It should help to index multi-language servers such as

    Unicode support
    Alt indexing
    additional weight
    Link to a document belongs to a document referred.

    Commercial Windows version
    ASP manager web interface

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