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Helping the project

If you want to contribute to the mnoGoSearch project, there are a few ways you can help us.
  1. Become an Affiliate. If you are a webmaster and wish to help us to promote mnoGoSearch for Windows, join Affiliate Program. Sell our products on your site and receive a portion of the sale price.

  2. Order the development. Usually, we develop our software in the order required for our purposes. You may request development of features which are required specifically for you and provide development funding.

  3. Code. We are actively looking for more developers. If you want to join, please tell us. We have a TODO list available at our site which lists tasks to be done in the future.

  4. Documentation. The documentation supplied with the mnoGoSearch project is not enought. If you have some ideas to improve it or have experience of some special or unusual installation and usage of mnoGoSearch, please write us. There are a lot of images for mnoGoSearch, please feel free to add your own.

  5. Financial. Any kind of sponsorship in money, hardware, commercial software required for development would be appreciated.

  6. Links. When using asearch engine built with our software on your site, please provide "Powered By mnoGoSearch" links to project site. Add links to our project in appropriate public lists or bookmarks. Let other people know about it! You may include mnoGoSearch banners in your advertisement system.

  7. Mirroring. Web site is mirrored on several sites worldwide. By installing your own mirror, you help to provide easier access to the code and documentation, as well as reduce the load on our site. If you have the resources to provide a mirror, this is another way to contribute to the mnoGoSearch project. Our mirrors can be built by any HTTP mirroring program, such as wget.

  8. Mailing Lists. Please, be more active in mailing lists for mnoGoSearch users. If you know answers to questions posted on the list or the webboard, you are welcome to answer.

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