Indexing multilingual servers

Some HTTP servers can be configured to support multiple versions of the same document, written in different languages. The server decides which version of the document to send to the browser during so called HTTP content negotiation, according to the browser settings. For example, in case of Firefox Web browser, you can select your preferred language going to the Edit > Preferences > Content > Languages menu.

mnoGoSearch supports language negotiation with help of the VaryLang command. This command specifies a space-separated list of the desired language codes. indexer will download and index all versions of the documents.

Usage example:

VaryLang "ru en fr"
indexer will fetch all document copies, written in Russian, English and French languages.

Note: At search time you can limit search.cgi return only pages written in a certain language by passing using the g HTML form variable. Have a look into the Section called Search parameters in Chapter 11 for details.