SQLWordForms -- loads synonyms or word forms from the database



SQLWordForms {str}


SQLWordForms provides a fuzzy search method, alternative to Synonyms and Ispell.

SQLWordForms allows to specify an SQL query which will be executed to generate word forms or synonyms from the database. The query must return exactly one column with individual word forms or synonyms in separate rows.

The query is sent to the database specified in the DBAddr command. If the case of multiple DBAddr commands, only the first DBAddr is used for word forms generating.

The SQL query is executed for every word typed by the user, with the $1 variable replaced to the word.

Note: When using cluster, the SQLWordForms command must be specified in the cluster node XML templates - not in the front-end HTML template.


SQLWordForms "SELECT sp1.form FROM spell sp1, spell sp2 WHERE sp1.word=sp2.word AND sp2.form='$1'"

See also

Affix, AlwaysFoundWord, Dehyphenate, IspellUsePrefixes, Spell, StopwordFile, Synonym, UseNumericOperators, the Section called Dumping Ispell data in Chapter 10.